Building a GovTech Industry Family: Notes on the first Midwest meetup

Photo credit: Chris Foreman

“I thought I was living alone. I thought I was doing this without anyone else, without any support, without anything else to talk to, or anyone else who would understand why I’m doing, or how I should do this. And today, now… sitting next to all of you, I feel like I’m part of a family.”

Photo credit: Chris Foreman

Summary of October’s Presentations / Demos

  • Danielle DuMerer, the CIO & Commissioner at City of Chicago, joined us along with one of her team’s data scientists, Nick Lucius. They presented the city’s perspective on encouraging a vibrant GovTech ecosystem in the region, and shared various initiatives designed to support it, ranging from policy to culture.
  • Leah Siskind, Director of Smart City Initiatives at Uptakewhich graciously hosted us— presented the data science leader’s efforts to leverage its technology and reach to support smart cities, chiefly the Data Fellows program: a 6-month fellowship to connect data professionals from non-profits, foundations, social enterprises and build a strong community around civic projects.
  • Vamonde enables Cities to actively engage with travelers and visitors, and tell stories from an explorer’s perspective. Nick Petit, their Chief Revenue Officer, offered insights on their experience with the procurement process — specifically for long-term engagements — and how startups can navigate the process to secure multi-year recurring revenue.
  • HAAS Alert is building a “Safety Cloud” to drive safer, faster, smoother Emergency & Rapid Response. Jeremy Agulnek, their Vice President, gave a live demo, tracking a fire truck as it responded to an emergency call, and he went on to explain their product development process and history as well as lessons learned from working with cities on implementation in the emergency services space.




tech optimist and political phil nerd. hacker, writer & maker: fmr CDO, @lamayorsoffice; @google; @codeforamerica.

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abhi nemani

abhi nemani

tech optimist and political phil nerd. hacker, writer & maker: fmr CDO, @lamayorsoffice; @google; @codeforamerica.

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