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  • Sam Edelstein

    Sam Edelstein

    Data guy.

  • Amy Deora

    Amy Deora

    Head of City Partnerships at Stae

  • Andrew Watkins

    Andrew Watkins

    President & COO of Marketplace.city

  • Ido Ivri

    Ido Ivri

    Husband, Father; Founder @ZenCity; An open data/gov geek; Wikipedian; Ailurophile (made you Google it!)

  • Nehemiah Dacres

    Nehemiah Dacres

  • Mariel Reed

    Mariel Reed

    Making public purchasing better @CoProcure. WEF Global Shaper, ETW SanFrancisco co-founder, Georgetown alum, China (re)pat. Previously @SFMOCI, @Coursera.

  • AgVend


    We power digital commerce in agriculture - check out our products for ag retailers and their growers at AgVend.com!

  • Mo Eesha

    Mo Eesha

  • Kimberly Rodríguez

    Kimberly Rodríguez

  • Paige Costello

    Paige Costello

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